Mamunur Rashid

Senior Computational Biologist


This person is a member of Sanger Institute Alumni.

I am a bioinformatician working in the Experimental Cancer Genetics group at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. My primary interest is to identify somatic variations in mammalian cancer genomes and their role in cancer development and progression. I am also interested in developing bioinformatics tools for efficient data processing and interpretation. 

Our group combines a number of state of the art technologies (e.g. Next Generation Sequencing and Genome Editing ) to investigate cancer genomes from different perspective, which produces a large volume of sequencing data. Using my expertise in data analysis and software development, I develop bioinformatics tools to analyze this torrent of data and try to draw a meaningful picture of cancer machanism.

I also have a strong interest in machine learning and it's application in cancer research. Large scale genome and epignome profiling studies such as the ENCODE, TCGA have opened new research avenues to fight cancer beyond the realm of protein coding genes. My recent research interest includes prioritization of regulatory (noncoding) mutations in cancer by applying advance machine learning techniques on an integrated genomic and epigenomic data.


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