Moritz Jakob Przybilla

PhD Student

PhD Student in Computational Biology - Focus on somatic mutations in pre-malignant lung disease and accelerated ageing phenotypes.

I am a 2nd year PhD student jointly supervised by Inigo Martincorena and Peter Campbell, particularly interested in understanding the mechanisms underlying early cancer evolution and prevention. In particular, I am specializing in computational analysis of genomic data from high-throughput sequencing, with the goal to advance my understanding about the earliest steps of tumourigenesis occuring in healthy individuals. In line with this, I am working on the characterisation of the landscape of somatic variation in the proximal and distal airway of lungs from individuals with previous smoking histories. In addition, I am interested in the contribution of somatic variation to ageing, exploring the routes and features of accelerated ageing phenotypes (progeroid syndromes). I am curious to learn about entrepreneurship in biotechnology and health, including but not limited to key strategic, technical, financial and commercial issues linked to the creation and development of an idea into a start-up.

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