Moritz Jakob Przybilla

PhD Student

PhD Student in Computational Biology - Focusing on the role of somatic mutations in the context of cancer risk and prevention.

I am a final year PhD student in the Cancer, Ageing and Somatic Mutation program and the groups of Inigo Martincorena and Peter Campbell. My research focuses on unraveling the mechanisms behind early cancer evolution and exploring avenues for cancer prevention. I specialize in computational analysis of genomic data obtained through high-throughput sequencing, with the overarching goal of deepening my understanding of the initial stages of tumorigenesis in otherwise healthy individuals.

My current work involves characterizing the landscape of somatic variation in the proximal and distal airways of individuals with a history of smoking, shedding light on the intricate interplay of genetics and environmental factors in cancer development. Moreover, I am interested in the utility of non-invasive sampling strategies for pre-screening and early detection strategies.

In parallel to my academic pursuits, I am also a part-time MBA student at the Collège des Ingénieurs in Munich, Germany. This multidisciplinary endeavor allows me to explore the intersection of science and entrepreneurship within the realms of biotechnology and healthcare. I am keen on understanding the strategic, technical, financial, and commercial aspects involved in translating innovative ideas into viable start-ups. My overarching objective is to facilitate the translation of scientific findings into clinical practice, ultimately benefiting patients and advancing healthcare solutions.

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