Miss Jessica Petty

Research Governance Assistant

I work in the LeGo (Legal and Governance) department at the Wellcome Sanger Institute. I assist in various tasks to ensure that there is appropriate ethical documentation and approval in place to allow human materials to come onto site and for its use in genomic research.

My role in the Research Governance team is very varied and allows me to interact with many scientists and teams at Sanger.

I assist managing, updating and using our in-house tracking and due diligence systems, which ensures appropriate and accurate ethical information is recorded.

My work includes looking at ethical documentation (including consent forms, participant information sheets and study protocols) from collaborators all over the world. For Sanger sponsored studies, I work closely with the scientists writing and submitting IRAS forms and amendments for NHS Research Ethics Committee (REC) and Health Research Authority (HRA) approval, as well as preparing and sending Local Information Packs to NHS sites for prospective recruitment.

I enjoy the teaching element of my job, which allows me to engage with the scientists about the Human Tissue Act, as well as requirements to using human material in genomic research at Sanger.

My timeline