David Nicholson, PhD

Policy Advisor

As Policy Advisor, I support the Head of Policy and Research Culture Lead with the development and communication of policy positions and views, respond to external inquiries and consultations on behalf of the Institute, and contribute to the Institute's Research Culture initiative through a project on equity in international collaboration.

The Sanger Institute collaborates with researchers from around the world, including partners from low- and middle-income countries, to fulfil its mission to “use information from genome sequences to advance understanding of biology and improve health”. It is only through building equity into these partnerships that complex global challenges can be addressed effectively. My main role is to engage with a range of internal and external experts to develop a definition of equity in the context of international research collaboration, as well as guidelines and recommendations to ensure equity is embedded into such partnerships.

I also support the Policy Team in forming policy positions and engaging with external stakeholders on a range of other topics, including transparency of health data research and access and benefit sharing of Digital Sequence Information.

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