Jyothish Narayanan Nair Thulasee Bhai

Senior Software Developer - Web Applications


This person is a member of Sanger Institute Alumni.

Jyothish is currently focussing onDeveloping open source software and web applications for visualising scientific dataUI design using latest web technologiesData Management


Global Pneumococcal Sequencing (GPS) Project

Funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Streptococcus Pneumoniae

  • A bacteria that causes Pneumonia and Meningitis.
  • Pre & post genome variation analysis
  • 20000+ samples from across the globe in the study
  • Sanger Sequencing Technique for whole genome sequencing
  • Robust pipelines for analysis
  • Web application for easy data access, visualization and analysis

GPS Project Site: ;Project website
GPS Dataviewer: A web application for easy data access and visualization


Aanensen Group @ Centre for Genomic Pathogen Surviellance (cGPS)

A pure javascript ​phylogenetic tree visualization tool

A web application for Whole Genome Sequence Analysis

@ Emory University / Sanger

Rebuilding Pneumococcal Molecular Epidemiology Network website

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