Karen McLaren

COSMIC Senior Project Manager

Karen is a Project Manager

Previous Projects:

  • Migration of DNA Pipelines into new on site labs
  • Implementaiton of Bespoke In-House and Software as a Service products to pipeline groups
  • Set up of services on site for iPS generation (including build and kit out of lab)
  • Upgrade of exisiting HRIS

I also support various individuals within the Institute to approach change and transformation using the structure and tools of the Project Management system we have developed.

I use my experience in the field of genomics in my current role and I am excited to be able to continue to be part of the Institute’s world class research effort. I am an energetic advocate of the change agenda and use knowledge of the evolution of the Institute from early sequencing pioneer to the diverse application of genomics for human health to promote change and continuous improvement.

I am part of the Public Engagement programme and give talks to visiting parties detailing the history, legacy and current application of the first genome sequencing projects: C. elegans, Human, Mouse, Zebrafish on our science. I have recently become a STEM ambassador.

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