Ms Anne Maria McLaren-Douglas, BSc

Senior Research Assistant


This person is a member of Sanger Institute Alumni.

Anne's main role intially with the Cancer Translation Team was to manage the operation of the lab and to meet scientific needs of research. The goals were to implement and maintain high operating standards throughout the project and to deliver complex scientific projects such as the Organoid Project. This involved taking a lead role in the development of a new organoid screening facility. This included :- Interacting with external organisations to acquire and share new technologies and cultures, and the development and optimisation of conditions for organiod growth The development of a novel screening assays to measure drug response in 3D organoid culture. The development of protocols, for the derivation of organoids. And finally to train and transfer knowledge of the organoid process to colleagues.

I have been a part of a pilot study using the 3D cancer organoid models, this unique cell format was used to investigate their effectiveness to study colon cancer. A panel of 22 colon cancer organoids were derived from the tumours of 20 patients and they were found to authentically capture the genomics of the primary tumour as well as much of the genetic scope of colon cancer

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