Catherine McCarthy

Compliance Manager 

The Research Goverance (RG) team as part of the Legal, Governance and Policy (LeGo+P) team is made up of Carol Smee (Head of Research Governance), Joanne Doleman (Senior Research Governance Manager) George Martin (Research Governance Officer) Andy McClave (Research Governance Officer, Jessica Rowbotham (QA, Audit & Compliance Officer) and myself. We are responsible for advising members of Sanger Institute staff about compliance with applicable laws and regulations associated with the use of materials in research, including but not exclusively the Human Tissue Act, Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act, the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) and associated Institute policies. We help achieve compliance through the initiation, administration and development and monitoring of internal processes, and communicate regulatory and policy requirements using a variety of means, including team talks, induction and training sessions, face-to-face meetings and documentation. 

My role is currently focused upon enabling the legal and ethical use of non-human materials as part of research that is undertaken at the Sanger Institute. This is inclusive of legal considerations – national and international laws and regulations associated with the collection and use of these materials, namely the Nagoya Protocol and Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) as well as the (legal and) ethical review of the use of animal derived materials. In doing so I work to enable Sanger Institute staff to remain compliant with UK regulations and those applicable to the activities carried out, through the use of the means described above.

Should you wish to enquire after the use of non-human materials as part of your research, or wish to discuss any of the above more generally please do get in touch.

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