Dr Pavel V Mazin

Senior Bioinformatician

My bioinformatician experience ranges from dairy cow selection to lipidomics of aging rats with the main focus on transcriptomics, particularly on evolutionary analysis of developmental regulation of alternative splicing.

After graduation from Moscow State University in 2008 I entered just emerged field of RNA-Seq. Most of my work was focused on, but not limited to, analysis of alternative splicing during organ development. On this route I developed one of the first published methods for alternative splicing analysis based on RNA-Seq data (SAJR) and used it to investigate evolutionary changes in developmental regulation of alternative splicing  in mammals.

In a parallel I worked on multiple other projects ranged from transcriptional regulation in insect or bacteria to analysis of lipidome composition of breast milk or agricultural oilseeds using data from liquid chromatography linked with mass-spectrometry or to industrial contracts on genomic evaluation of dairy cow.

My main scientific interest is emergence of complexity during evolution or development, but in daily work my main pleasure is to find biological sense in noisy data.

My timeline