Dr Andrea Manrique-Rincón

Postdoctoral Fellow

I am deeply interested in T cells and the immune response against cancer.

The tumour microenvironment can be challenging to target for the immune system, as it can develop several immunosuppresive mechanisms that inhibit the correct function of the T cells. However, the T cells can be modified to enhance this response and eliminate the tumour cells. I found this fascinating, and I am working to identify new targets to enhance T cell survival and/or function within the tumour microenvironment.

During my doctoral studies, I worked on new strategies for cancer immunotherapy. I worked on inhibition of regulatory T cells using viral vector and aptamers to carrying different siRNA and gRNAs. I used also combinations of antitumoral vaccines that expressed immunomodulators like 4-1BBL, OX40L, and GM-CSF to enhance the immune response against cancer.

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