Daniel Malawsky

MPhil Student

Daniel is a Master's student with Hilary Martin, focusing on population and medical genetics in the Bangladeshi population.

I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in May of 2020, where I studied biostatistics and mathematics. I conducted research in Professor Timothy Gershon’s lab studying cerebellar development and medulloblastomas in mice using single cell transcriptomic and metabolic approaches. There I developed my interest in analysing large biological datasets.

As of recently I have shifted my focus to human genetics. I joined Hilary Martin’s group in September of 2020 as a Master’s student. In my project, I will be using data collected as part of the East London Genes & Health study to elucidate the population structure of the Bangladeshi subset of the study cohort. In addition, I will use linked electronic health records to analyse the phenotypic consequences of select variants in the cohort. Following my Master’s, I will continue on to a PhD at the Sanger Institute starting in 2021.

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