Dr Jane Loveland

Principal Computer Biologist


This person is a member of Sanger Institute Alumni.

I am part of the HAVANA management team and work on the manual annotation of human, mouse and zebrafish genomes, and latterly the swine and rat genomes.

I have a background in virus research, plant biochemisty and molecular biology. Whilst working in the photosynthesis group at IACR Rothamsted I completed my PhD (Lancaster University), investigating the biochemistry and molecular biological aspects of inhibitors of Rubisco (CA1Pase). After leaving bench science I moved into bioinformatics, working as a computational molecular biology specialist for the BBSRC, providing teaching and support for molecular biology software packages for 8 BBSRC Institutes.

I joined the Sanger Institute in 2002 as part of the HAVANA group. As part of the HAVANA management team I have been involved in a number of major international collaborations, including generating the GENCODE annotation for the ENCODE project, collaborating with NCBI/UCSC/Ensembl/HGNC and MGI to produce the CCDS annotation and as a co-ordinator for the Immune Response Annotation Group for the swine community. Recently I have been leading a community annotation initiative with the rat genome database (RGD). I have been the co-ordinator of the Open Door Workshops since 2002, and present human, mouse and zebrafish workshops around the world.


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