Dr Monika Krzak

Postdoctoral Fellow

I am a Postdoctoral Fellow focused on studying immune system diseases at single-cell resolution. The goal of my current work is to improve our basic knowledge of IBD pathogenesis by studying relevant cell-types in the inflamed gut and identifying genes that are about to bring disease. 

My postdoctoral fellowship in single-cell genomics of disease is funded by Crohn’s Colitis Foundation which aims to generate single-cell transcriptomic data from intestinal biopsies from more than a hundred IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) patients. The ultimate goal of my work is to understand the biological basis of IBD risk and progression. To study transcriptional changes of IBD at the single-cell resolution I am working on algorithms that help to identify disease-relevant cell types in a robust and reproducible manner. My Ph.D. in Life and Biomaterial Sciences at the Institute of Applied Mathematics was fully devoted to the problem of clustering high-dimensional data and assessment of existing methods for single-cell data analysis.

My timeline