The NIHR Global Health Research Unit (GHRU) for Genomic Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistance (  is working with partners in four countries to develop a suite a tools that provide an efficient pathway to building genomics capacity, specially focussing on AMR. The success of this international initiative revolves around four crucial pillars: - Growing a global AMR network in low and middle-income countries (LMIC). - Building genomic surveillance capacity in these LMIC laboratories through cost-effective, high throughput, high-quality sequencing workflows - Generating actionable data - Enabling regional and national programmes to leverage the power of this data, thereby improving public health decisions.

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What a pleasure it was for @TheCGPS to host 137 attendees from 25 different countries for our Good Financial Grant Practice (GFGP) introductory webinar, in collaboration with @AASciences & @kimsbangalore. Brilliant having such a fantastic bunch of panellists & engaged audience!

To substantiate commitment to #GlobalGrantCommunity and #GoodFinancialGrantPractice In our current webinar on GFGP we are lucky to have speakers and >130 attendees from 27 countries. Presentations and Q&A's will be made available here :