Ziying Ke

PhD Student

Ziying is a PhD student. She is interested in genetic basis of immune related diseases. She has been working on contructing allelic series to inform drug target identification.

The use of ‘allelic series’ to inform target identification is a valuable tool to prioritise novel molecular targets in drug development. Based on allelic series of genes, genetic dose-response curves could be constructed to estimate the relationships between target perturbations and clinical outcomes.

In my project, I aim to construct allelic series for genes that are likely to play role in T cell functions. We have been identifying relevant genes to primary immunodeficiencies and will link them to relevant cell types and contexts in which to place disease variants. Further experimental screens will also be performed to validate the predicted allelic series. Our goal is to help to identify and prioritise novel therapeutic targets to guide drug discovery.

In my spare time, I enjoy sitting on a bench in a park and sketching:)



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