Lucy Holland

Higher Laboratory Scientist Apprentice

I am a Higher Laboratory Scientist Apprentice based within Cellular Generation and Phenotyping. As the group’s first apprentice, my time is divided between laboratory work and studying towards a BSc degree in Applied Biosciences. My specialisms include aseptic cell culture (iPSCs, neuronal networks, and cancer organoid models), high-throughput protein screening, and immunocytochemistry techniques for imaging.  

Presently, I am part of ProjectGro which aims to derive and generate a useful biobank of physiologically relevant in vitro organoid models for the cancer research community. This involves organoid culture and performing quality control processes.

Previously, I was part of the iNeurons project which aimed to map functional interactions between human glial and neuronal cells at scale. This involved developing a high-throughput screen for human glial proteins that induce synapse formation and functional maturation of human cortical neurons. Against this project backdrop, I received training in culture and differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells, culturing neuronal networks, protein screening, and immunofluorescence staining for imaging.

My timeline