Eva Heinz

Senior Staff Scientist

I am interested in the evolution of bacterial pathogens, using bioinformatics and large genomic datasets to understand why some lineages are highly successful, and how transmission efficiency, antimicrobial resistance, virulence mechanisms and other factors interplay.

My current work focuses on gram-negative bacterial (opportunistic) pathogens; to understand how antimicrobial resistance spreads via mobile elements as well as repeated independent acquisitions of intrinsic mechanisms through changes in the chromosome, and what impact the resistance mechanisms have on the bacterial cell beyond protection from antimicrobials. Part of my work also focuses on bacterial cell envelopes, where my interests are in improved vaccine design, as well as to study membrane proteins to understand how changes of proteins performing import/efflux can influence drug resistance.

In 2019, I was recruited to a lecturer position at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM), whilst I very much continue to collaborate with Nick Thomson and the team.

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