Dr Jing Guo

Postdoctoral Fellow

I am a Postdoctoral Fellow in statistical genomics. My major interests are genetic architecture of human complex traits and inherited germline risk of cancers. My current work is to understanding the relative impact of germline variants and somatic mutants in disease susceptibility and progression rate of a blood cancer.

My PhD work focused on understanding whether and how the genetic variation within and between populations contribute to phenotypic differences in human complex and complex traits, under the supervision of Prof. Jian Yang and Prof. Peter M. Visscher in the University of Queensland.

My current research is to explore whether the inherited genetic variants have impact on haematopoiesis process and hematological cancer, and whether such impact can be leveraged to improve disease diagnosis and risk stratification.

I am also interested in the functional mechanism of the interaction between germline variants and somatic mutants and gene-environment interaction.

My timeline