Dr Ore Francis

Sanger Excellence Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Ore Francis is a Sanger Excellence Fellow, interested in the evolution of protein complexes in eukaryotes. To do this, he plans to sequence the genomes of protists.

I’m interested in the evolution of protein complexes across eukaryotes, the domain of life that includes the animal, plant, fungi and protist kingdoms.

Protein structure is a key attribute of biology that allows proteins to serve biological functions. In many cases, proteins can execute additional functions by participating in complexes; specific, non-transient interaction of multiple proteins. Most eukaryotic proteins (and by extension protein structures) are encoded in corresponding genomes.  To determine how protein complexes have evolved in the eukaryotes, I would like to analyse a selection of genomes that are representative of the breadth of eukaryotes.

Animals, fungi and land plants are the most studied of the eukaryotic life forms, yet this is a narrow selection of eukaryotic life forms. The majority of genomic diversity resides in the protists, but far fewer protist genomes are available. To investigate eukaryote protein complexes, I want to sequence additional protist genomes to find homologs of complex-forming proteins from all four eukaryotic kingdoms and reveal patterns of protein complex evolution across both known eukaryotes and extinct common ancestors.

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