Károly Erdős

Senior Software Developer


This person is a member of Sanger Institute Alumni.

I'm reponsible for designing and implementing multiple Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) used accross the Institute by different teams.

I’m working in the Production Software Development (PSD) team providing solutions to both external and internal clients. I had the opportunity to extend my Java based skill set with Ruby and Perl programming and also use and improve my existing knowledge.

My previous tasks included the following:

  • implementing a back-end application stack for building laboratory management systems with the use of RabbitMQ and Ruby technologies.
  • customizing a 3rd party laboratory information management system to meet the needs of the Institute. The used scripting language was Perl with the Moose extension package.
  • prototyping and implementing a web application for another project team with Java EE technologies.

I’m currently working on a service that will communicate with a customized version of Jira ticketing system to track samples and labware as they go through the workflows in the laboratory.