Omar El Garwany

PhD Student

I am a PhD student at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, with a medical background. After obtaining my medical degree at Suez Canal University in Egypt, I moved to the Netherlands to do my Master's in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology. During my Master's, I worked on mapping eQTLs and fine-mapping causal variants of Coeliac disease using Mendelian Randomisation methods.Currently, my main focus is on understanding the functional consequences of genetic variation, with a more recently developed interest in autoimmune diseases. In particular, I integrate genotype, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq and other type of molecular dataset to understand the downstream consequences of genetic variation.

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New paper out today: what human "knockouts" can - and can't - tell us about picking the best drug targets, based on analyzing variation in the DNA of 141,456 people

All Cambridge University's lectures are going to be online next year. It would be wonderful if they were made publicly available in perpetuity: does anyone know whether the university has an enlightened policy on that?