Dr Dirk-Dominik Dolle

Senior Bioinformatician


This person is a member of Sanger Institute Alumni.

Dirk is involved in the "BWT Read Server" project which aims at efficient storage in and fast retrieval of genome sequencing reads from a compact data structure. This includes testing the data structure for its applicability for common analyses in genomics and population genetics and exploring new ways of data analysis only possible with this technology.

I am interested in all fields that try to decipher what could be called the “source code of life” which includes:

  • Genomics (e.g. genome structure and composition, genomic variation)
  • Genetics (e.g. gene structure and function)
  • Transcriptomics and (post-) transcriptional regulation (e.g. enhancer/promoter function and interaction and its effect on spatiotemporal gene expression)
  • Evolutionary and developmental biology (e.g. changes in the regulatory network and their effect on the development of organisms)

… and others!

For this I mainly apply bioinformatic techniques that help to address these questions on a larger scale but always with the firm interest in tracing each finding all the way to its biological impact.

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