Dr Gary P. Dillon

Business Development Manager

I obtained my BSc. in Biochemistry at York in 2002, going on to study a Ph.D. in Parasitology, also at York. As a post-doc, I worked at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, before moving to Abcam in 2010. I was promoted to the Abcam’s Head of R&D in 2013, where I had a broad set of responsibilities, spanning science, business and IP. The core of my role focused on development of novel immune-reagents and assays, working with teams across the globe, and across biology and chemistry. I worked closely with commercial teams to build business cases that set company R&D strategy, as well as providing technical due diligence for acquisitions and IP. My remit included internal, post-acquisition, and external tech transfer. With regard to the former, I oversaw the transfer of Abcam’s EU CRO activities from the US to the UK. I have now returned to the Wellcome Sanger Institute to apply my industrial experience by helping scientists commercialise and share their ideas for the benefit of society.

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