Dr Lucia Camino Diez-Gutierrez

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Lucia is a postdoctoral fellow in the Host-Microbiota Interactions Laboratory, which is led by Dr Trevor Lawley at the Wellcome Sanger Institute 

Lucía Diez-Gutiérrez has a double Master´s degree in Biotechnology of Environment and Health (University of Oviedo) and a MSc Food Chain Systems (Cranfield University). Afterward, she joined Tecnalia Research and Innovation to develop her PhD thesis in the biosynthesis and fermentation group of the Food and Health department. During this time, she worked on the development of new functional ingredients to address different types of health issues. Mainly, she carried out the isolation and characterization of potential probiotic microorganisms and, through fermentation techniques, evaluated the production of beneficial metabolites. Lucia also learned several encapsulation techniques to protect the viability and preserve the functionality of the probiotics and their metabolites, as well as achieved cell culture expertise to assess their bioactivity and bioavailability. Currently, she joined Trevor’s Lawley group as a postdoctoral fellow to improve her knowledge of the interaction of gut microorganisms, using anaerobic culturing techniques and multi-omic tools to design new biotherapeutic products for precise management of the early-life microbiome.

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