Dr Peter Clapham

ISG Team Leader

Peter leads the Informatics Support Group (ISG) which provides the high performance compute (HPC) environments for Sangers scientific research teams. Our team investigates new and upcoming technical solutions that will drive our HPC platforms for tomorrow. In this way we can continue to keep abreast of the research challenges presented.

Traditional high performance computing has become a reliable and performant environment that has permitted Sanger’s research teams to remain at the forefront of scientific endeavour over the past 20 years. As sequencing technologies continue to develop and mature, the opportunities that are presented to our research groups has grown beyond the abilities of these systems to scale appropriately. Today our group is developing highly flexible compute platforms based upon OpenStack and the very latest in software defined 100Gb/s native networking. By exploiting these systems we will be able to address the dynamic challenges presented in an increasingly timely, adaptable and cost effective manner.

As a group we continue to develop and manage our 18Pb of storage under an iRODS platform. This is a project that our group started in 2009 and is Sanger’s repository for all locally generated sequence data from that time.

IT as a field is bringing new and disruptive technologies to the market. Our team is in an excellent position to engage with external companies and accademic sites to ensure that Sanger’s IT remains at the forefront of IT technology, infrastructure and flexible and adaptive high performance computing.

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