Dr Richard Challis

Senior Bioinformatician

Lead developer on genome databasing projects GenomeHubs and Genomes on a Tree (GoaT).

I am lead developer on a pair of genome databasing projects, GenomeHubs and Genomes on a Tree (GoaT).

GenomeHubs simplifies genome databasing to enable the creation of taxon-oriented genomic resources and is currently used by a number of community-specific sites: Caenorhabditis.org, ChirpBase, LepBase, MealyBugBase, MolluscDB and Tardigrades.org.

GoaT uses GenomeHubs 2.0 to present metadata including genome sizes, C values, and chromosome numbers for all taxa across the tree of life.

I also develop and maintain BlobToolKit, an interactive genome viewer to aid in the identification and filtering of cobionts and contaminants during genome assembly.