Batuhan Cakir


I work as a bioinformatician, curating scRNA-seq datasets for cellxgene data portal.

I studied Bioengineering in Yildiz Technical University (BSc, 2016) and Bioinformatics and Systems Biology in Gebze Technical University (MSc, 2021). I focused on NGS data analysis and single-cell RNA-seq analysis. In 2019, I had an internship in Cellular Genetics Informatics team on finding the most suitable scRNA-seq data visualization tool by benchmarking the available scRNA-seq data visualization tools to provide publication-supporting websites. Currently, I work as a bioinformatician in Cellular Genetics Informatics, focusing on the curation of the scRNA-seq datasets (COVID-19 Cell Atlas) for cellxgene data portal by Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.