Karen Cafferkey

Administration Network Manager

I support administrative professionals across the GRL Campus, and the crucial roles they play in making our science happen.

I have three core areas of focus


  • Creating opportunities for administrators to get to know one another, to share experiences and knowledge, and support one another. As well as strengthening ties within the organisation, the reach of our networking extends beyond the Campus to local, UK-wide and global organisations who share our values and goals.


  • Identifying needs, organising bespoke training and development to complement our organisation-wide offerings. I organise an annual conference, as well as Community of Practice and other ad-hoc training sessions throughout the year. I often find myself mentoring and coaching colleagues as part of my work.


  • Giving a voice to our administrators and raising their profile. I am often invited to join working groups, steering committees, and similar. Not only to offer my own opinions and expertise, but to represent the views of our administrative professionals. Making sure their needs are being considered and their ideas fed in to new initiatives, systems and processes.


The skills and experience I bring to the role is a result of working in public sector administrative and management roles for many years. From editorial secretary for a scientific journal, to supporting disabled students, to organising development and training for academic staff, dealing with recruitment, contractual issues and pay, to managing teams of Faculty administrators.

Working for an organisation that takes its social responsibility seriously is really important to me, and Sanger is a natural fit.


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