Karen Cafferkey

Administration Network Manager

I work with staff across the Genome Campus to support our community of professional administrators and promote the crucial roles they play in achieving our scientific goals.


I am passionate about:

  • Empowering our administrators – making sure they have the right tools and support to deliver their highly efficient professional service to our world-leading scientific research and operations teams.
  • Giving our administrators opportunities to grow – identifying training needs, ensuring appropriate development opportunities are on offer, encouraging individuals’ commitment to their continuing personal and professional development.
  • Raising the profile of our administrators – helping others to recognise them as a community of diverse, highly-skilled professional staff, and to value the essential contributions they make.


This is a truly collaborative effort. Some of the ways in which we try to achieve these aims is by:

  • Organising training and development.
  • Inviting inspirational speakers to share their ideas and advice with us.
  • Networking with colleagues in similar roles outside of the campus, to share knowledge and good practice.
  • Being active members of other other professional networks – Cambridge Network,  IAM, The WA-Alliance.
  • Funding external accredited courses and conference fees.
  • Holding fun networking events, like our annual bring and share lunch in December.


My timeline