Mr Simon Binley

Principal for Campus Data Centre Services

I lead the Wellcome Genome Campus’ Data Centre team. We support Sanger Institute, EMBL-EBI and Biodata Innovation company scientists to collect, store, manage and share the vast amounts of genomic data they generate with collaborators around the world.

Simon's Past, Present & Future

All my working career I have been focused on delivering IT services to organisations that meet their current requirements and anticipate future needs. I enjoy delivering an IT environment that exceeds my colleagues’ needs and delivers a seamless, high-speed, high-throughput and stable experience.


Since 2013, I have worked at the Sanger Institute to build high-performance teams dedicated to high-quality service and operational excellence. I and my team partner with our researcher and administrative colleagues across the Campus to continually adapt, improve, and implement new solutions. I am proud that my team’s work enables the Sanger Institute, its Campus neighbours, and its collaborators around the world to carry out their world-changing science.


A key part of our work is to ensure that our Data Centre not only delivers the seamless, reliable experience our scientists need today, but that it is also able to meet their future needs. To ensure that we are constantly bringing the best solutions available, and building the IT infrastructure needed for future discoveries, we work closely with commercial partners around the world to horizon scan, test and implement new solutions and infrastructure.


As almost all the genomic research carried out Campus draws on our Data Centre and IT infrastructure and I and my team draw immense satisfaction from the fact that our work almost goes unnoticed. We provide the stable, strong, vast data storage and communications networks that mean our colleagues can work without worry.


To achieve this, we provide and support the Campus’ 4 MegaWatt on-site data centre that houses more than 50,000 cores of compute and in excess of 100 PetaBytes of storage.


Meeting both current needs and anticipating future requirements are no small tasks so my team is founded on curiosity, dedication, professionalism and flexibility – coupled with deep technical knowledge. I encourage my team to keep abreast of the latest developments and regularly update their skills and experience.


If you would like to find out more about our approach to flexible, high-volume data storage, communication, and computing, please contact me:

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