Dr Mathew Beale

Postdoctoral Fellow

I am a molecular and computational microbiologist, with broad wet and dry lab experience, expertise in genomic laboratory methods and bioinformatic analysis of pathogen genomes, working with viral, fungal and bacterial human pathogens.

My research focuses on the use of genome sequencing and population genomics to address questions of inter- and intra-host evolutionary and transmission dynamics, population structure, host adaptation and acquisition of virulence. In my current research in the Thomson group at WSI, I have continued previous work on direct sequencing approaches for pathogen genomics, developing laboratory and computational approaches for difficult to sequence (primarily bacterial) pathogens, and this has included substantial metagenomics. My primary research focuses on bacterial sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), with a current emphasis on Treponema species (e.g. Syphilis, Yaws), where I am addressing questions around global genomic diversity, evolutionary drivers and history, and disease transmission epidemiology.

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