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I am a computational biology PhD student interested in using high-throughput sequencing technologies to better understand highly polygenic disease.

My undergraduate degree was focused on cellular and molecular biology, however I elected to take two pure computer science courses whilst on a year abroad. After discovering how much I enjoyed programming I later applied my newfound skills to automate parts of my lab-based thesis project in my final year. When I finished my undergraduate degree I sought to further my pivot towards computational biology by pursuing a Master’s in Bioinformatics. Over these two years my interests diversified and then narrowed culminating in my thesis project where I developed a tool for integration of single-cell transcriptomic data with GWAS.

In my PhD project I will be looking at complex disease, in particular inflammatory bowel disease, through the fine lens of short-read sequencing technologies such as whole-genome, whole-exome and single-cell RNA sequencing. I hope that by approaching from multiple angles then integrating our findings we can better understand the genes, pathways and cell-types driving highly polygenic diseases such as IBD.

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