Dr Samantha Wynne | Research Media Officer

Wynne, Samantha

Working in the Media, PR and Communications team, Sam helps our scientists publicise their ground breaking research to enhance the Institute’s reputation, using traditional and social media.

From drafting press releases and news stories to managing the Institute blog and media visits, Sam liaises with staff and the media to deliver effective external communications, also supporting internal communications and engagement projects.

Current role:

I really enjoy scientific communications and joined the Sanger Institute Media PR and Communications team in August 2015 as the Research Media Officer, to deliver external communications about our research. As part of this I liaise with scientific and non-scientific staff and the media, to draft press releases and news stories, manage the Institute blog and social media and organise media visits. Working with the communications team I develop intranet and internet content and support internal communications and engagement projects.

Previous experience:

Scientific engagement has been a long-standing interest of mine. My previous role was Public Engagement Manager at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, delivering the public engagement and external communication strategy for the LMB. This included managing media and press releases, drafting news articles and other content for the website, and using social media to promote LMB research. I led a small team managing events, organising schools activities and tours and helping scientists develop science festival exhibits.

Before this, I carried out post-doctoral research at the LMB and solved the 3-dimensional structures of various medically relevant proteins, including the hepatitis B virus core protein. I also had additional responsibility in scientific public engagement, running the Crystal Growing Competition for Schools, organising schools visits and designing science festival exhibits. I chaired the LMB Staff Restaurant Committee and was responsible for managing the successful mobilisation of the new restaurant into the new LMB building in 2013.

My scientific teaching experience includes undergraduate teaching (lectures and supervisions at the University of Cambridge) and tutoring sixth-form students at Villiers Park Educational Trust on their annual Biology and Genetics week.


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Wynne, Samantha
Samantha's Timeline

Joined the Media, PR and Communications team at the Sanger Institute


Public Engagement Manager at the LMB


Post Doctoral Research Support Staff with Additional Responsibility in Scientific Public Engagement at the LMB


Teaching By-Fellow in Biochemistry, Churchill College, Cambridge (3 years)


Post-Doctoral Support Staff at the LMB


Joined the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology as Post-Doctoral Research Assistant