Dr Sonia Virdee | Associate Director, Research and Faculty Planning

Virdee, Sonia

The Sanger Institute has a unique and privileged mission to undertake research at scale based on genome sequences. My role, working closely with the Director, Programme Leads and the Faculty and Research Planning Manger is to support Sanger science and the development of the scientific strategy. This includes new projects and initiatives, shaping future research direction and developing plans arising from changes in strategy.

I oversee the GRL wide five year Strategic Plan, working with the Director, COO and the Director of Connecting Science, including the application for core funds every five years; supported by a dedicated project manger I co-ordinate the documentation and site visit for the quinquennial review process.

I help to manage relationships with key stakeholders including Wellcome, the Institute's Scientific Advisory Board and GRL Board. I also work closely with the Institute's Board of Management.

I have a background in developing strategy and implementing strategic change, including using data to understand opportunities and performance, and spearheading change through strategic projects. I am keen to ensure that the impact of our work is is fully understood, tracked and reviewed. I have an interest in good governance and am a passionate advocate for equality and diversity.

Virdee, Sonia
Sonia's Timeline

Joined Sanger Institute as Associate Director for Research and Faculty Planning

Appointed Board Member of WHEN - Women's HE Network


Director of Strategic Planning and Change / Deputy Secretary, University of Essex


Executive Member of Higher Education Strategic Planners Association (2010-2016)


Director of Strategic Planning, University of Essex


Head of Planning and Academic Development, University of Essex


Head of Science, University of Suffolk


PCGE, University of East Anglia


Lecturer in Biological Science, University of Suffolk


Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Research Fellow, University of East Anglia

Awarded PhD Evolutionary Genetics, University of East Anglia


BSc (Hons) Ecological Science, University of Edinburgh