Dr Tristan Thwaites | Former Senior Scientific Manager at the Sanger Institute

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Thwaites, Tristan

Tristan is a Senior Scientific Manager in the Stem Cell Engineering group established by Bill Skarnes.

He received his BSc in Biology from University College London and in 2013, he was awarded his PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from Imperial College London. During his doctoral training, he pioneered a cell-based system to uncover a novel pathway of molecular interplay between mammalian cells and invasive bacteria.

In 2014, Tristan took up the position of Senior Cell Culture Specialist at Axol Bioscience. Using iPS cell technology, he established a biologically relevant system that has been successfully applied to the study of neurodegeneration, synaptic signalling, neuronal gene expression and biologics drug discovery.

Tristan joined the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in January 2016. Currently, he is applying his knowledge of iPS and genome editing technologies to develop and troubleshoot methodologies used for high-throughput targeting of genes in human stem cells.


  • Vinculin Interacts with the Chlamydia Effector TarP Via a Tripartite Vinculin Binding Domain to Mediate Actin Recruitment and Assembly at the Plasma Membrane.

    Thwaites TR, Pedrosa AT, Peacock TP and Carabeo RA

    Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology 2015;5;88

  • The Chlamydia effector TarP mimics the mammalian leucine-aspartic acid motif of paxillin to subvert the focal adhesion kinase during invasion.

    Thwaites T, Nogueira AT, Campeotto I, Silva AP, Grieshaber SS and Carabeo RA

    The Journal of biological chemistry 2014;289;44;30426-42

Thwaites, Tristan
Tristan's Timeline

Joined the Skarnes faculty group at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute as a Senior Scientific Manager


Joined Axol Bioscience as Senior Cell Culture Specialist


Post-doctoral Research Associate at Aberdeen University

Awarded PhD from Imperial College London


Awarded MRes from Imperial College London


Awarded BSc from University College London