Carol Smee | Regulatory Compliance Manager

Smee, Carol

The Ethics and Governance Office (EGO) includes myself, Joanne Doleman (Research Governance Manager), George Martin (Research Governance Officer), Catherine McCarthy (Compliance Officer - Nagoya Protocol) and Jessica Rowbotham (Internal Audit Apprentice). We are responsible for advising members of Sanger Institute staff about compliance with the Human Tissue Act, Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act, the Nagoya Protocol and associated Institute policies. We help achieve compliance through the initiation, administration and development of internal processes, audit and monitoring, and communicate regulatory and policy requirements using a variety of means, including team talks, induction and training sessions, and face-to-face meetings.

We lead on consultation responses for the Institute where national or international proposals for changes to relevant research legislation may impact on our research, or where we wish to join the debate on ethical research practice.

Outside Activities

Health Research Authority Trainer on the Human Tissue Act and Course Lead for 'Genetic and Genomic Research - What RECs Should Consider'

Member of EMBL Bioethical Internal Advisory Committee (BIAC)


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Smee, Carol
Carol's Timeline

Regulatory Compliance Manager, Wellcome Sanger Institute


Regulatory Adviser, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute


Senior Scientist, Prolysis Ltd., Oxford


Research Assistant, Structural Genomics Consortium, Oxford


Education and Outreach Officer, Brewhouse Theatre and Arts Centre, Taunton


Chief Microbiology Technician, University of West of England


Senior Microbiology Technician, University of West of England


Fermentation Technician, University of East Anglia


Research and Development Technician, Continental Wine Experts Ltd., Norfolk


Education Officer with the National Trust (Dunwich Heath Nature Reserve) and River Inspector (Broads Authority, Norfolk Broads)


Microbiology Researcher, University of Luton


Secondary School and Sixth Form Teacher (Biology/Chemistry)