Alison Simms | Senior Media, PR & Communications Adviser

Simms, Alison

Focusing on internal communications, Alison's role is to support the growth of the Sanger Institute by developing and delivering engaging and influential communications. Alison's work extends to supporting the implementation of internal projects and change management; in addition to supporting others to produce great communications.

My focus over the past few months has been to organise and co-ordinate the content plan for the new Sanger Institute website (the one you are looking at now!) and to encourage and support everyone at Sanger to complete their content in time for the launch.

Joining Sanger in Sept 2014 I brought with me a wealth of experience of change and project management following more than 25 years at major retailer. The skills I used in communicating significant company-wide step-change system implementations has already proved effective at Sanger; for example by changing the approach to the articles on the intranet I have more than tripled the page views for each piece and I have increased the number of people contributing to the intranet by adding their own content to their intranet pages.

I am passionate about encouraging people to communicate openly, clearly and fairly - as dialogue and collaboraton can make good things happen!

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Simms, Alison
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Senior Media, PR and Communications Adviser


Joined the Sanger Institute as Media, PR and Communications Adviser

Tesco Project Manager for HR change project


Tesco Programme Office Manager for new Merchandising Operating Model software system


Tesco Communications Manager for General Merchandise Change Programme


Tesco Communications Manager for implementation of SAS General Merchandising forecasting system


Tesco Business Change Manager for implementation of Oracle Retek software system


Tesco Project Manager for implementation of SAP Webi Buyers' Management Information System


Tesco Project Manager for implementation of Store Ordering System




Supply Chain Manager


Joined Tesco