Laura Ponting | Senior Database Curator

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Ponting, Laura


  • COSMIC: somatic cancer genetics at high-resolution.

    Forbes SA, Beare D, Boutselakis H, Bamford S, Bindal N et al.

    Nucleic acids research 2017;45;D1;D777-D783

  • COSMIC: High-Resolution Cancer Genetics Using the Catalogue of Somatic Mutations in Cancer.

    Forbes SA, Beare D, Bindal N, Bamford S, Ward S et al.

    Current protocols in human genetics 2016;91;10.11.1-10.11.37

  • FlyBase at 25: looking to the future.

    Gramates LS, Marygold SJ, Santos GD, Urbano JM, Antonazzo G et al.

    Nucleic acids research 2017;45;D1;D663-D671

  • On the reproducibility of science: unique identification of research resources in the biomedical literature.

    Vasilevsky NA, Brush MH, Paddock H, Ponting L, Tripathy SJ et al.

    PeerJ 2013;1;e148

  • FlyBase 102--advanced approaches to interrogating FlyBase.

    St Pierre SE, Ponting L, Stefancsik R, McQuilton P and FlyBase Consortium

    Nucleic acids research 2014;42;Database issue;D780-8

  • tagtog: interactive and text-mining-assisted annotation of gene mentions in PLOS full-text articles.

    Cejuela JM, McQuilton P, Ponting L, Marygold SJ, Stefancsik R et al.

    Database : the journal of biological databases and curation 2014;2014;0;bau033

  • The Drosophila phenotype ontology.

    Osumi-Sutherland D, Marygold SJ, Millburn GH, McQuilton PA, Ponting L et al.

    Journal of biomedical semantics 2013;4;1;30

Ponting, Laura
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Senior Database Curator at COSMIC


Genetic Literature Curator at FlyBase, University of Cambridge


Research Analyst, NHSBT


PhD Genetics, University of Manchester