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Oude Munnink, Bas

I am currently working on the VIZIONS (Vietnam Initiative on Zoonotic Infections) project. During this project we will look at viruses, like astroviruses, noroviruses and enteroviruses in fecal samples of both humans and animals. Since humans and animals live in close proximity from each other we will also try to determine the evolution of these viruses and if zoonotic events have occurred and trying to understand why zoonotic event have happened for some strains of viruses while not for others.

I have performed my PhD (expected defense date early 2016) at the Laboratory of Experimental Virology at the AMC in Amsterdam. During my PhD I worked on the EMPERIE project and one of the tasks in this project was virus discovery, performed on clinical material. I performed virus discovery in a wide variety of samples, but there was a special focus on fecal samples. While performing sequence analysis on large sequence databases, I learned how to evaluate blast results in search for novel viruses, how to write Python scripts, and how to perform phylogenetic analyses.


  • A novel genus in the order Picornavirales detected in human stool.

    Oude Munnink BB, Cotten M, Deijs M, Jebbink MF, Bakker M et al.

    The Journal of general virology 2015;96;11;3440-3

  • Autologous antibody capture to enrich immunogenic viruses for viral discovery.

    Oude Munnink BB, Jazaeri Farsani SM, Deijs M, Jonkers J, Verhoeven JT et al.

    PloS one 2013;8;11;e78454

  • Identification of a novel human rhinovirus C type by antibody capture VIDISCA-454.

    Jazaeri Farsani SM, Oude Munnink BB, Canuti M, Deijs M, Cotten M et al.

    Viruses 2015;7;1;239-51

  • Unexplained diarrhoea in HIV-1 infected individuals.

    Oude Munnink BB, Canuti M, Deijs M, de Vries M, Jebbink MF et al.

    BMC infectious diseases 2014;14;22

Oude Munnink, Bas
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Started as Postdoctoral Fellow, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute


Started PhD in virus discovery, University of Amsterdam


MSc in Immunology and Infectious Disease, Free University Amsterdam