Dr Imran Noorani, MA MBBChir MRCS | Clinical PhD

This person is a member of Sanger Institute Alumni.

Noorani, Imran

Clinical PhD Student

Glioblastoma, cancer genetics, brain tumours, genome editing.




  • Ultrafast initiation of a neural race by impending errors.

    Noorani I and Carpenter RH

    The Journal of physiology 2015;593;19;4471-84

  • Basal ganglia: racing to say no.

    Noorani I and Carpenter RH

    Trends in neurosciences 2014;37;9;467-9

  • Phenytoin-induced methaemoglobinaemia in a patient with glioblastoma multiforme.

    Noorani I, Durnford A, Sadek AR, Charalambides C and Grundy P

    British journal of neurosurgery 2014;1

  • An internationally standardised antisaccade protocol.

    Antoniades C, Ettinger U, Gaymard B, Gilchrist I, Kristjánsson A et al.

    Vision research 2013;84;1-5

  • Getting the basics right: opportunities for developing neurosurgical procedural skills in ENT surgery.

    Noorani I

    British journal of neurosurgery 2013;27;2;265

  • Tumour infiltrating T-cell subpopulations in glioblastomas: what is the significance of natural killer T-cells?

    Noorani I

    British journal of neurosurgery 2013;27;2;267

  • Full reaction time distributions reveal the complexity of neural decision-making.

    Noorani I and Carpenter RH

    The European journal of neuroscience 2011;33;11;1948-51

  • Predicting the timing of wrong decisions with LATER.

    Noorani I, Gao MJ, Pearson BC and Carpenter RH

    Experimental brain research 2011;209;4;587-98

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