Mr Samuel Kidman | PhD Student

Kidman, Samuel

Sam is a University of Cambridge BBSRC-funded PhD student, primarily studying genotype-phenotype association in the bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa from patients with Cystic Fibrosis.


  • Evolution of Pectobacterium Bacteriophage ΦM1 To Escape Two Bifunctional Type III Toxin-Antitoxin and Abortive Infection Systems through Mutations in a Single Viral Gene.

    Blower TR, Chai R, Przybilski R, Chindhy S, Fang X et al.

    Applied and environmental microbiology 2017;83;8

  • You are where you live.

    Kidman SE and Bryant JM

    Nature reviews. Microbiology 2017;15;2;68

Kidman, Samuel
Samuel's Timeline

Completed compulsory 3-month internship at the Royal Institution




Joined the Parkhill Group at The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute