Anton Khodak | Senior Software Developer

Khodak, Anton

I am a software engineer at Cellular Genetics Informatics group. My main area of responsiblity is developing computational pipelines and ensuring they run stable on the computational infrastructure (Kubernetes cluster). My duties can also include open source contributions to the tooling our group uses for running workflows.


  • Predicting the mutations generated by repair of Cas9-induced double-strand breaks.

    Allen F, Crepaldi L, Alsinet C, Strong AJ, Kleshchevnikov V et al.

    Nature biotechnology 2018

  • JACKS: joint analysis of CRISPR/Cas9 knockout screens.

    Allen F, Behan F, Khodak A, Iorio F, Yusa K et al.

    Genome research 2019;29;3;464-471

  • Using to generate and annotate workbench tool descriptions.

    Hillion KH, Kuzmin I, Khodak A, Rasche E, Crusoe M et al.

    F1000Research 2017;6

Khodak, Anton
Anton's Timeline

MSc in Computer Science, Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

Senior Software Developer, Sanger Institute


Software developer, contractor project for CERN / New York University

BS in System Analysis, Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

CWL Intern, Seven Bridges Genomics


Google Summer of Code student, Open Bioinformatics Foundation and Common Workflow Language


Software developer,