Bethan Hussey | Research Administrator

Hussey, Bethan

Beth is a Research Administrator for the Cellular Genetics Programme.

The Research Administrators within CellGen aim to provide comprehensive operational and administrative support to the Head of Programme, Faculty and Associate Faculty members of Cellular Genetics:

  • Providing proactive, high quality and effective executive support
  • Providing high quality administrative, organisational and scientific support

Before starting work at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, Beth was completing doctoral research at Loughborough Univeristy into the epigenetic effect of blood fatty acids on cytokine genes.


  • Impact of aerobic exercise and fatty acid supplementation on global and gene-specific DNA methylation.

    Hunter DJ, James L, Hussey B, Wadley AJ, Lindley MR and Mastana SS

    Epigenetics 2019;14;3;294-309

Hussey, Bethan
Bethan's Timeline

Awarded a PhD in molecular biology


Co-founded the Cambridge Research Administrator Network


Started work at Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute as Research Administrator


Started Doctoral Research at Loughborough University

Graduated from Loughborough University with a First Class BSc Human Biology degree


Industrial placement year in R&D at Abbott Diabetes Care


Started BSc Human Biology degree