Liz Huckle, BSc | Advanced Research Assistant

Huckle, Liz

Liz is part of the sequencing research and development team and is primarily based in development. Her main responsibility is the prokaryotic Transposon Directed Insertion site Sequencing (TraDIS) pipeline but a second role is to assist the team staff scientists to develop and transition protocols appropriate to Operation Pipelines.

I also take responsibility for Health and Safety in our labs, I maintain records, laboratory stocks and consumables. I also troubleshoot problems with instrumentation.

Huckle, Liz
Liz's Timeline

Advanced Research Assistant: Sequencing development


Advanced Research Assistant: Embryo Gene Expression.


Advanced Research Assistant: Sequencing Service


Research Assistant: Biochemical development


Research Assistant: Biochemical development


Senior Technical Assistant: CPG island project

BSc (Hons) Cell and Molecular Biology. 2:1