Dr James Hewinson | Laboratory Manager

Hewinson, James

The laboratory manager for the Experimental Cancer Genetics group.

My day to day responsibility is to run of the labs of the Experimental cancer genetics group. However I have always been keen to apply myself further. Consequently I have taken on board further roles within the Morgan Building, including working as a Local Coordinator, Fire Marshal, and Cell Culture manager. I am also keen to contribute to the campus as a whole, therefore I have taken the position of GRL Pension Scheme Trustee and Employee Partner, and work with other departments on site to improve processes.

My background and training have been within biological research. Fortunately I still have the opportunity to apply myself to research, working on various research projects within the group.


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Hewinson, James
James's Timeline

Laboratory Manager. Department of Experimental Cancer Genetics. WTSI.


Laboratory Manager. School of Physiology and Pharmacology. Bristol University.


Post Doctorial Research. Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. University of Bath.

Graduation - PhD. Department of Medical Sciences. University of Bath.


Graduation - BSc First Class (Hons). Applied Biological Sciences. University of the West of England.