Colin Herd | Advanced Research Assistant

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Herd, Colin

Advanced Research Assistant in the Billker Group looking at the Molecular and Cellular Genetics of Plasmodium Bergehi.

My role is primarily involved in constructing and testing new molecular tools to allow us to further probe P.bergehi biology. Initially I built a range of tagging vectors to extend the range and utilise the modular nature of our targeting vector pipeline. Since then I have produced and adapted of a range of Overexpression, FACS sortable, and Conditional systems to utilise our recombineering approach. I am also involved in the multiplexed, high throughput, growth phenotyping screen of Knock out genes produced in our PlasmoGEM pipeline.


  • A genome-scale vector resource enables high-throughput reverse genetic screening in a malaria parasite.

    Gomes AR, Bushell E, Schwach F, Girling G, Anar B et al.

    Cell host & microbe 2015;17;3;404-413

  • PlasmoGEM, a database supporting a community resource for large-scale experimental genetics in malaria parasites.

    Schwach F, Bushell E, Gomes AR, Anar B, Girling G et al.

    Nucleic acids research 2015;43;Database issue;D1176-82

  • A systematic genome-wide analysis of zebrafish protein-coding gene function.

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  • The deubiquitinase USP9X suppresses pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.

    Pérez-Mancera PA, Rust AG, van der Weyden L, Kristiansen G, Li A et al.

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  • Andersen-Tawil syndrome: new potassium channel mutations and possible phenotypic variation.

    Davies NP, Imbrici P, Fialho D, Herd C, Bilsland LG et al.

    Neurology 2005;65;7;1083-9

  • Dysfunction of the brain calcium channel CaV2.1 in absence epilepsy and episodic ataxia.

    Imbrici P, Jaffe SL, Eunson LH, Davies NP, Herd C et al.

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  • Functional characterization of compound heterozygosity for GlyRalpha1 mutations in the startle disease hyperekplexia.

    Rea R, Tijssen MA, Herd C, Frants RR and Kullmann DM

    The European journal of neuroscience 2002;16;2;186-96

Herd, Colin
Colin's Timeline

Joined the Billker Group (Malaria Genetics) as an Advanced Research Assistant to work on developing Molecular tools for P.berghei genomics.


Joined The Stemple Group (Zebrafish development and Genomics) as an Advanced Research Assistant to help work on new technologies for the Whole Genome Knock Out Resource.


Joined the Everitt, Audio vestibular Group, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute as an Advanced Research Assistant to investigate Age Related Hearing Loss.


Joined MRCgeneservice, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, as a research assistant to run the core capillary sequencing service.


Joined the MRC Human Genome Mapping Centre, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, as a Finisher on the Fugu Genome Project.


Joined the Kullmann Group, Institute of Neurology, UCL as a Research Assistant on a project looking at Epilepy and Episodic Ataxia.


Graduated Bsc(Hons) in Biochemistry and Genetics, The University of Nottingham.