Deepti Gurdasani | Postdoctoral Fellow

Gurdasani, Deepti

Deepti is a post-doctoral fellow in the Sandhu Group. Her current research focuses on characterising the genetic diversity among African populations and understanding their population history.

I trained as a clinician in internal medicine at Christian Medical College Vellore, India, following which I completed my PhD in genetic epidemiology at the University of Cambridge. I joined the Sanger Institute as a post-doctoral fellow in 2013.

My research focuses on characterising the genetic diversity among African populations, and understanding how this influences susceptibility to disease. I have a key interest in understanding the historical movements and mixing of populations that influenced the current genetic structure of these populations. My work involves analysis of dense genotype and whole genome sequences from diverse ethno-linguistic groups in Africa, including examination of ancient DNA from these regions. I am also interested in the development and application of new statistical methods to answer some of these questions.


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Gurdasani, Deepti