Dr Anne-Claire Guenantin | Postdoctoral Fellow

This person is a member of Sanger Institute Alumni.

Guenantin, Anne-Claire


  • The lipodystrophic hotspot lamin A p.R482W mutation deregulates the mesodermal inducer T/Brachyury and early vascular differentiation gene networks.

    Briand N, Guénantin AC, Jeziorowska D, Shah A, Mantecon M et al.

    Human molecular genetics 2018;27;8;1447-1459

  • 'Basic and Applied Thermogenesis Research' Bridging the Gap.

    Carobbio S, Guénantin AC and Vidal-Puig A

    Trends in endocrinology and metabolism: TEM 2018;29;1;5-7

  • Functional Human Beige Adipocytes From Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells.

    Guénantin AC, Briand N, Capel E, Dumont F, Morichon R et al.

    Diabetes 2017;66;6;1470-1478

  • A cohesin-OCT4 complex mediates Sox enhancers to prime an early embryonic lineage.

    Abboud N, Morris TM, Hiriart E, Yang H, Bezerra H et al.

    Nature communications 2015;6;6749

  • Nuclear envelope-related lipodystrophies.

    Guénantin AC, Briand N, Bidault G, Afonso P, Béréziat V et al.

    Seminars in cell & developmental biology 2014;29;148-57

  • What the genetics of lipodystrophy can teach us about insulin resistance and diabetes.

    Vatier C, Bidault G, Briand N, Guénantin AC, Teyssières L et al.

    Current diabetes reports 2013;13;6;757-67

Guenantin, Anne-Claire