Dr Katharina Gapp | Post doctoral fellow

Gapp, Katharina

Katharina is a postdoctoral fellow in the group of Eric Miska, interested in environmentally triggered psychopathology and the role of epigenetics as a mean of storage of experiences. Her research focuses on epigenetic mechanisms underlying the transmission of acquired traits.

My research explores mechanisms underlying the epigenetic transmission of acquired traits, with a particular focus on inherited disease risk. During my phd studies in Isabelle Mansuy´s lab of neuroepigenetics at ETH Zürich I demonstrated the involvement of sperm RNAs in the transgenerational effects of early life stress. I am now interested in extrapolating these findings to other models.


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  • Early life epigenetic programming and transmission of stress-induced traits in mammals: how and when can environmental factors influence traits and their transgenerational inheritance?

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Gapp, Katharina
Katharina's Timeline

Dr. sc. ETH Zürich


Mag. rer. nat University of Vienna


Universidad Autonoma de Madrid Master thesis


Gymnasium Adolf Pichler Platz Innsbruck, Austria