Dr Andy Day | Senior Scientific Manager

Day, Andy

Currently managing the DDD-NeuGen project and Media Team within CGaP.


  • Analysis of the non-recombining Y chromosome defines polymorphisms in domestic pig breeds: ancestral bases identified by comparative sequencing.

    Cliffe KM, Day AE, Bagga M, Siggens K, Quilter CR et al.

    Animal genetics 2010;41;6;619-29

  • Allelic variation of the porcine alpha-1,3-galactosyltransferase 1 (GGTA1) gene.

    Day A and Rocha D

    Journal of applied genetics 2008;49;1;75-9

  • Characterization of the porcine FSCN3 gene: cDNA cloning, genomic structure, mapping and polymorphisms.

    Kollers S, Day A and Rocha D

    Cytogenetic and genome research 2006;115;2;189-92

  • Characterization of three SNPs and localization of the porcine sperm adhesion molecule (SPAM1) gene to chromosome 18 by radiation hybrid mapping.

    Chen RR, Day AE, Ren J, Chen CY, Ai HS et al.

    Animal genetics 2005;36;3;273-5

  • Chromosomal mapping, sequence and transcription analysis of the porcine fertilin beta gene (ADAM2).

    Day AE, Quilter CR, Sargent CA and Mileham AJ

    Animal genetics 2003;34;5;375-8

  • A sensitive method for detecting variation in copy numbers of duplicated genes.

    Pielberg G, Day AE, Plastow GS and Andersson L

    Genome research 2003;13;9;2171-7

  • Characterization of the porcine sperm adhesion molecule gene SPAM1- expression analysis, genomic structure, and chromosomal mapping.

    Day AE, Quilter CR, Sargent CA and Mileham AJ

    Animal genetics 2002;33;3;211-4

  • Genetic variation in two conserved local Romanian pig breeds using type 1 DNA markers.

    Ciobanu DC, Day AE, Nagy A, Wales R, Rothschild MF and Plastow GS

    Genetics, selection, evolution : GSE 2001;33;4;417-32

  • Investigation of the retinol-binding protein 4 (RBP4) gene as a candidate gene for increased litter size in pigs.

    Rothschild MF, Messer L, Day A, Wales R, Short T et al.

    Mammalian genome : official journal of the International Mammalian Genome Society 2000;11;1;75-7

Day, Andy
Andy's Timeline

Senior Scientific Manager - Cellular Generation and Phenotyping, Sanger Institute


Lab Manager (R&D) - Abcam plc


Principal Scientist (R&D) - Abcam plc


Senior Scientist (R&D) - Abcam plc


Development Scientist - Abcam plc


PhD, Molecular Biology - Anglia Ruskin University


Research Scientist - Genus plc

BSc, Dual Honours, Genetics and Microbiology - University of Sheffield