Dr Mariya Chhatriwala | Business Development Associate

Chhatriwala, Mariya

In 2019, I joined the Innovation and Enterprise team at the Sanger to leverage my scientific expertise toward successful commercial development and dissemination of the cutting edge research taking place at the Institute as I believe this is the best way for these ideas to contribute to healthcare solutions.   

I’m a post-doctoral level scientist with over 10 years of hands-on experience in various scientific disciplines including genetic regulation, stem cell biology, next-generation sequencing, and protein biochemistry.  


  • Combined single-cell profiling of expression and DNA methylation reveals splicing regulation and heterogeneity.

    Linker SM, Urban L, Clark SJ, Chhatriwala M, Amatya S et al.

    Genome biology 2019;20;1;30

  • GATA6 Cooperates with EOMES/SMAD2/3 to Deploy the Gene Regulatory Network Governing Human Definitive Endoderm and Pancreas Formation.

    Chia CY, Madrigal P, Denil SLIJ, Martinez I, Garcia-Bernardo J et al.

    Stem cell reports 2019;12;1;57-70

  • Laser Capture and Deep Sequencing Reveals the Transcriptomic Programmes Regulating the Onset of Pancreas and Liver Differentiation in Human Embryos.

    Jennings RE, Berry AA, Gerrard DT, Wearne SJ, Strutt J et al.

    Stem cell reports 2017;9;5;1387-1394

  • TEAD and YAP regulate the enhancer network of human embryonic pancreatic progenitors.

    Cebola I, Rodríguez-Seguí SA, Cho CH, Bessa J, Rovira M et al.

    Nature cell biology 2015;17;5;615-626

  • Exons 5-15 of kazrin are dispensable for murine epidermal morphogenesis and homeostasis.

    Chhatriwala MK, Cipolat S, Sevilla LM, Nachat R and Watt FM

    The Journal of investigative dermatology 2012;132;8;1977-87

  • KazrinE is a desmosome-associated liprin that colocalises with acetylated microtubules.

    Nachat R, Cipolat S, Sevilla LM, Chhatriwala M, Groot KR and Watt FM

    Journal of cell science 2009;122;Pt 22;4035-41

  • The DH and PH domains of Trio coordinately engage Rho GTPases for their efficient activation.

    Chhatriwala MK, Betts L, Worthylake DK and Sondek J

    Journal of molecular biology 2007;368;5;1307-20

  • Induction of novel agonist selectivity for the ADP-activated P2Y1 receptor versus the ADP-activated P2Y12 and P2Y13 receptors by conformational constraint of an ADP analog.

    Chhatriwala M, Ravi RG, Patel RI, Boyer JL, Jacobson KA and Harden TK

    The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics 2004;311;3;1038-43

Chhatriwala, Mariya
Mariya's Timeline

Joined Sanger Translation office


Promoted to Senior Scientific Manager


Joined the Sanger as a Staff Scientist in Professor Ludovic Vallier's team


Completed post-doc with Professor Fiona Watt studying keratinocyte biology


Graduated with PhD in Pharmacology from UNC-Chapel Hill, USA